(Rutaceae) Aegle marmelos (L.) Corrêa

Local name(s): ໝາກ ຕູມ (mak toum)

Medicinal use(s): cough

Part(s) used: fruit, stem

Field Characters: Tree, flowers small and light yellow, fruit round, orange, edible. Common.

Locality: Champasak Province, Pakse District, Ban Don Kho Long Village.

Habitat: Tree growing wild on temple grounds, full sun.

Altitude: 100-115 m asl

Collector(s): B. Elkington, O. Souliya, S. Nheunphonsavath

Collection number(s): BGE 93, BGE 118

Collection Date(s): August 10, 2007; April 21, 2009

Additional information:

Voucher specimen is in deposit at the Field Museum (F) Herbarium, Chicago, USA under accession no. 2284994, 2301570.

Synonyms, images, taxonomic description:

Plants of the World onlineFlora of China Vol. 11 Page 97

Useful references:

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