(Menispermaceae) Tinospora crispa (L.) Hook.f. & Thomson

Local name(s): ເຄືອ ​ເຂົາ ​ຮໍ (kheuah khao ho)

Medicinal use(s): cough

Part(s) used: stem

Field Characters: Vine; >20m long, ~1cm diam; stem has many bumps; leaves alternate, cordate. Latex clear, sticky. Stem tastes very bitter. Common.

Localities: Vientiane Province, Xaythany District, Ban Veun Kham Village, Veun Kham Garden; Saysetha District, Meuang Noy Seng Da Village; Luang Namtha Province, Sing District, Nam Keo Luang Village.

Habitat: Secondary forest, sandy soil, partial shade to full shade.

Altitude: 160-185 m asl

Collector(s): M. Xayveu, S. Sypaseuth, O. Souliya, B. Elkington

Collection numbers: BGE 122, BGE 240, BGE 244

Collection Dates: April 24, 2009; August 18, 2009; August 16, 2009

Additional information:

Voucher specimen is in deposit at the Field Museum (F) Herbarium, Chicago, USA under accession no. 2301574, 2301531, 2301535.

Synonyms, images, taxonomic description:

Plants of the World onlineFlora of China Vol. 7 Page 1, 8

Useful references:

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