(Anacardiaceae) Rhus chinensis Mill.

Loc. name(s): ສົ້ມ ຟົດ (sohm poht)

Med. Use(s): thrush, bleeding of women

Part(s) used: root

Field characters: Large shrub-small tree, leaves serrate and sessile, ovate, acuminate, pinnately compound, imparipinnate, with unpaired leaves being subcordate instead of ovate, fruits panicles of faded red drupes.

Locality: Xiengkhouang Province, Kham District, Xiengkhouang Medicinal Biodiversity Preserve, mountain road between Muang Kham and Ban Tha.

Habitat: Roadside. Good quality, secondary tropical rainforest, on a mountain slope.

Altitude: 1137 m asl

Collector(s): J.M. Henkin, K. Sydara, M. Xayvue, D.D. Soejarto

Collection number: JMH 028

Collection Date: December 10, 2015

Additional information:

Voucher specimen is in deposit at the Field Museum (F) Herbarium, Chicago, USA under accession no. 2320613.

Taxonomic information:

Flora of China Vol. 11 Page 335, 346Plants of the World online

Useful references:

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