(Staphyleaceae) Dalrympelea pomifera Roxb.

Local name(s): ສິບ ສອງ ລາ ສີ (sip song lassi)

Medicinal use(s): liver diseases, skin diseases, can treat 12 diseases.

Part(s) used: fruit, root, stem

Field Characters: Large tree, 10-15m in height, 50cm dbh; leaves simple, glabrous, slightly crenate. Inflorescence paniculate. Flowers small.

Locality: Sekong Province, Thateng District, Pa Leng Tai Village, Sekong MBP Thateng

Habitat: Sekong MBP, shade, side of hill

Altitude: 520 m asl

Collector(s): B. Elkington, M. Xayvue, S. Setthavanxay

Collection number(s): BGE 280

Collection Date: November 19, 2019

Additional information:

Voucher specimen is in deposit at the Field Museum (F) Herbarium, Chicago, USA under accession no. 2330394.

Synonyms, images, taxonomic description:

Plants of the World onlineFlora of China Vol. 11 Page 501, 503